A Great Book Starts with a One-Sentence Idea

Though I did not know about ‘kernel’, I have been basing my story ‘Colors’ on a central idea. “The most powerful hero ever” is my kernel. This is related to the character. But I have another one, a scene.

Hero kicks a villain and he breaks through a bullet-proof glass-window at the top-most floor of a building and ends up in a trashcan 200 meters away. Sounds crazy, but possible. I wanted to write a story and I loved this scene so wanted to include this in that. But how do I? So, I started framing the story around this scene.

Why did he kick? How could he kick that hard? Why didn’t the man escape? Who are they? And these questions gave the story a head, tail and a middle-piece (No, I’m not talking about sperm-cells here) to my story. But I tend to rewrite the story a lot of times when using this method.


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