I hate showing Affection and Intimacy

Every person I see in my life at least hugs, tells “I love you”, or at least does something which will show their affection towards another person. This maybe verbally, physically or mentally – but they do. This is a kind of social grooming and everybody are perfectly okay with it and it has become an important part of our society (or whatever), strengthening the bonds between people. But, I hate these activities. Is it only me?

I never hugged in my life. Some people did hug me, but ‘I’ never hugged anyone. Nor told anyone “I love you”. Why am I like this? Why do I hate these activities? Is it a psychological problem or is it normal. I’m basically shy, but not too introvert. I lie somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert. I enjoy talking to and being with people as much as being alone. And I also love people. But why don’t I like to touch people at all?

I feel it is unnecessary. Or maybe I feel it’s not necessary because it’s a bit inconvenient for me doing that. I’m talking about intimacy here. If I ever marry, will I behave in the same way with my partner?

Coming to the affection part. I don’t really have any extra-liking for my family than others. This is same in the case of friends. Even they are no different from others for me.

Is it only me who is like this? Should I let go of this?


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