Expectations are the only things that make you sad

My friends are meeting for the last time at my college. Two hours ago, they met there. I was not informed about that. I came to know about that from another friend. None of the people whom I considered a friend told me about that. Another friend called me yesterday and asked for some previous question papers. Even though it was late night and I was asleep, I woke up and took the pain and dictated the questions to him. He knew about this meeting, but didn’t even try to tell it to me. How nice!

I came home, waiting for someone to call me, but no. No one called. I thought they cancelled the meeting. But another of my friends told they met and… left. How awesome! None of the tens of so-called friends even cared to call. But.. I expected them to. They taught me a great lesson today.

For everything you do, you expect something to happen. Dump in something, you except some output. When killing someone, you expect them to be dead. When helping someone, you expect that they’ll help you back. Expectations leave you with nothing but sorrow, when they are not reached. So, don’t expect much, like I did.


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